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Placement Rule

Placement is just one of the meeting points between IMR and the industry. It is our endeavor to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the students and the industry. IMR provides a platform for placement where companies are invited to recruit students of various specializations and work experience. Potential employers are able to undertake on-campus recruitment through a stream-lined process of registrations, Pre-Placement talks and selection.

IMR has been successful in adding more & more Companies in the list of its recruiters. Corporate resource centre tries to bridge the gap between analytical and functional skill by providing the best fit to the Students. Students are ready to undertake any challenge from the first day of their professional life.

The Placement Cell is also responsible for conducting various events like MDPs, Personality development programmes for the students, guest lecturers, industry visits, seminar & conferences, participation in education and career fairs and networking .The PDPs are organized to enhance their soft skills and provide an edge in the selection process.

The Placement Cell’s activities can be broadly categorized into

  • Career counseling by faculty and trained professionals in different functional areas.
  • A structured Personality Development Programme, wherein interviewing skills are imbibed by trainers and corporates alike.
  • Developing effective resumes.
  • Mentoring by the alumni, in terms of sharing experiences vis-à-vis realities of corporate life, refining expectations and projecting future trends.
  • The Placement Team indentifies the potential receruiters, interacts with selected companies and coordinates the visit of such corporate executives to the campus.
  • An effective way of creating awareness about companies among students is to provide information. The information could be in the form of company brochures, pamphlets and other published information. The Placement Officer ensures distribution of published material among students.
  • At IMR, various events, guest speaker panels, conferences, workshops and academic fairs are organized in which companies participate directly or contribute through partnerships.
  • Projects are an integral part of the academic curriculum at IMR. Both Summer and Live projects with organizations provide students with basic understanding of the companies operations; this ultimately enhances the adaptability of students at large.

Placement Activities

Training & Development

The training and development process had been developed in such a manner that it not only balances conceptual and practical skills but also focuses on developing the essential for today's world:

  • Drive & self-initiative
  • Business analysis skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Emotional maturity Problem solving skills
  • Leadership ability
  • Pro-activeness
  • Positive and contemporary attitude

Corporate Relations

We provide at the forefront of emerging industry scenario having eminent corporate, share their ideas and experience and discuss the need of industry from graduates, in an attempt to keep abreast of changing industry trends and requirements.

Conducting regular guest lectures, panel discussions and workshops inviting eminent corporate executives to share a blend of information, interaction and entertainment and to encourage our students to arrive at the best learning option as mentioned below:

  • Corporate Mentoring
  • Industrial Visits
  • Quarterly Round Table – At least 6 industry leaders in each round table
  • Corporate Guest Lectures

Summer Training

Relentless change in the business world has been accompanied by an equally dramatic need for business school students to prepare themselves for taking on future challenges. The right internship is one of them and often opens the door to a desirable full-time placement after graduation for MBA students. It is an accepted corporate practice to take students for internship and select the best among them as future employees by offering Pre-placement Offers.

Through Summer internships IMR offers the important opportunity to work closely with professionals and to develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related directly to students’ career goals.

PLACEMENT RULES – Batch 2015-16

Placement Process at IMR, Ghaziabad is a student driven activity. For this the college shall form a Placement Committee of the students. However, recognizing the importance attached to the placement activities by the students, the Placement Committee shall have Faculty and Staff for providing overall supervision and support for summer as well as final placements to the students. This Placement Chairman, Coordinator and a group of faculty members shall work in close co-ordination with the students.

  • 1.0 Role of Training & Placements (T&P)
  • 1.1 The Institute mentioned in these Rules refers to INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH (IMR), GHAZIABAD.
  • 1.2 T&P refers to Placement Committee (Place Com).
  • 1.3 The role of Training & Placements is to provide placement support to the final year students. The T&P will endeavor to,
    • 1.3.1 Bring together the students and the potential employing organizations
    • 1.3.2 Facilitate interactions between the two for placements.
  • 1.4 For this purpose, the Place Com driven by students will correspond with organizations, arrange interviews for students and coordinate various placement activities at the college with Chairperson, Academies.
  • 1.5 All placements will be routed through the T&P only.

2.0 Constitution of Placecom

Placement Committee (Place Com) shall not be nominated. The selection shall be done on various parameters as decided by Chairperson, Training and Placements at the college which includes academic performance, personality, presentation and plan of action on placement by him/her. There will be careful selection of students to ensure the achievement of the objectives of Place Com. The members of Place Com are ambassadors of the college to the industry. And, therefore their behavior, communication, discipline and representation shall be closely monitored from different angles.

3.0 Activities and Role of Placecom

  • 3.1 Maintain liaison and good relationship with the company executives from the Corporate.
  • 3.2 Act as liaison between the companies and the T&P at the college.
  • 3.3 Compile and maintain a qualified database of potential placement companies and their contact information, converting that into suspects, prospects and schedules leading to selection and documentation. The detailing shall be done separately to the Place Com.
  • 3.4 Visit the companies and get the written and signed requisitions for placements (RFPs, i.e.Scheduling) and forward the same to the Chairperson, Training and Placements at the college.
  • 3.5 Announce and communicate selection processes and follow up with the T&P at the college for nominations
  • 3.6 Keep a record of the number of selection processes attended by each student.

4.0 Eligibility

All final year students shall be eligible to receive placement support, comprising Primary and Supplementary Placement Support, unless otherwise debarred from receiving such support on account of:

  • 4.1 Non-payment of fees or any other dues
  • 4.2 Non completion of Summer Internship Programme
  • 4.3 Result being 50%
  • 4.4 Faculty Poor Feedback
  • 4.5 Poor Feedback from Trainer
  • 4.6 Breach of discipline and general misconduct
  • 4.7 Having opted out or having been declared as ‘deemed to have opted out’ in black and white.
  • 4.8 Student Nominated for an Interview if does not attend interview also shall be “Out of Placement”

Besides, the above mentioned criteria, an individual student profile shall be prepared with the help inputs received from the trainer and faculty members to determine the suitability for placement. If the student dossier (student profile prepared) shows poor performance of the student, the student shall be withheld from placement process until appropriate improvement takes place in him/her.

There shall be two rounds of placement activity, viz., and primary and secondary placement support. Those not qualified in primary round may avail the opportunities, if any, in the secondary round. However, secondary round of placement support may not be comparable with primary round along various parameters. Also, campus interview may not necessarily mean companies coming at college campus for placement process. Students may be required to attend interviews and for other related processes at the company premises also, at their own cost.

Primary Placement Process

5.0 Registration for Placement Process

All students desirous of Placement Process are required to register, with the college. Students, who want to opt out of Placement Support, are required to give an undertaking to the college in the prescribed format available with Place Com.

6.0 Application Procedure

    • 6.1 Interested students will apply in response to the jobs announced by T&P and submit copies of bio-data to Placement Coordinator at for onward submission to the respective organizations.
    • 6.2 Students shall prepare their bio-data in supervision with the faculties of the college. Highlighting their achievement in Summer Internship (SIP) in the bio-data enhances the employability of the students.
    • 6.3 No applications from students in response to the press advertisements or to the organizations which have not notified the T&P about their requirements shall be forwarded by the T&P
      • 6.3.1 However, students are free to correspond directly with the organizations in response to such advertisements.
      • 6.3.2 If these organizations announce jobs to the Institute’s T&P at a later date, then the students should inform the T&P about their having earlier applied for positions in these organizations.
      • 6.3.3 If a Company has approached the T&P or is in the process of approaching the T&P for placements, no student shall approach any of these Companies on their own, except through T&P .
      • 6.3.4 Students will have to submit copies of their bio-data in advance to the T&P at the college for forwarding to the organizations which have notified about their requirements.
    • 6.4 The students should submit their bio-data within the prescribed time limit which the T&P will not accept/ forward CVs/ Resumes submitted beyond the deadline.
    • 6.5 Students are advised to keep sufficient copies of the CV/ Resume, passport size photos, etc ready so as to submit it as per deadlines announced.

7.0 Short listing of Bio-Data

    • 7.1 The college reserves the right to shortlist the bio-data of the students on the basis of eligibility parameters mentioned in clause (2) and any other criterion it determines later.
    • 7.1 Companies may also do short listing of students themselves on the basis of information supplied by the students in their registration profile or CVs/ Resumes.
    • 7.3 Hence all those who apply may not get short listed.

8.0 Number of Attempts

  • 8.1 Maximum number of interview attempts for placement shall be five to each of the students. If he or she fails in cracking the interview, the priority of placing them shall be moderated in favor of those who have not got chances of appearing in interviews. Further such cases shall be subject to reviews by the institute.
  • 8.2 If a student has been recruited by a company, the concerned student will not be allowed to appear for any other interview for placement arranged by the college.

Note: The details of secondary round of placement process (subject to the availability of opportunities) shall be declared after the primary round is over. The primary round will expire on 15 April 2016. Students are advised not to wait for the secondary round of placement process. This is because of the chances of requisitions for placements after April is often negligible.