Imr Ghaziabad

Computer Lab

IMR institute is completely connected with excellent Wi-Fi network. It has advanced IT facilities with adequate systems loaded with licensed Operating Systems and Software Packages. The network infrastructure is being served by HP Servers, Servers including Domain Controllers, DNS Servers, Mail Server, Proxy Server, Database Server and Print Server. The power infrastructure is supported with heavy duty uninterrupted power supply for all systems and servers to avoid data loss. The internet facility at IMR institute is one of its prominent features. The entire campus has broadband internet connection. Fast internet connectivity plays an important role in facilitating the academic as well as research and development activities for the faculty and students at the institute.

Members of the IMR institute can access the internet round the clock in the campus. IMR institute is equipped with latest multimedia facilities like electronic smart boards, location-sensing microphones, multimedia LCD projectors, overhead projectors, scanners, DVD writers, laser printers, digital cameras etc.

The computer wide network optical fiber backbone and structured cabling provides intranet as well as internet connectivity between/to all computers with faculty, students, PGDM/MBA/MCA academic block, administration, MDP rooms and Hostels.

Assessment software for grading, course registration, faculty feedback, attendance in class, conducting online evaluations, etc. has also been installed on the network. This can be selectively accessed by authorized Sections of IMR community. An e-Learning On-Line module is being used by the Faculty to provide Learning Notes, exercises, assignments and conduct Quizzes.

The information technology infrastructure is a significant factor in providing quality management and computer application education. Computer Resource Centre (CRC) provides PC notebooks and workstations to all the faculties, students and staff. The PGDM/MBA and MCA students get a laptop free of cost.

In addition, the institute has the following hardware and software configurations:

  • An IBM server that supports a heterogeneous network configured with Windows NT, LINUX and Windows xp / 2007 Operating Systems.
  • An HP server that supports a heterogeneous network configured with Windows NT, LINUX and Windows xp / 2007 Operating Systems.
  • The present network has workstations consisting of IBM, HP Brio, HCL , PCS & Lenovo (Think Centre) machines.
  • LINUX server for Internet .
  • LINUX server for client user (command)
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus.
  • CISCO lab with routers, switches, hub repeaters, Ethernet media with necessary tools for complete CISCO training.

Software in use:

  • Windows NT/ XP & 2000 professional, 2000/2003 server.
  • Visual NET Studio 2003,2008
  • Norton Symantec Anti Virus 2020
  • Novell Netware / LINUX
  • Cobol /Pascal /Turbo C and C++
  • Oracle 9i
  • MSDN Academic Alliance
  • SQL Server 2000
  • MS Office
  • Java Enterprise Edition