Imr Ghaziabad

I am delighted to announce the commencement of the admission process to PGDM, MBA and MCA programs at the Institute of Management and Research (IMR), Ghaziabad.

We are now poised more strongly than ever before to reinforce our growing reputation as a premier business school in North India. The need to be focused was never as strong as it has emerged in today's context.

As the world shrinks into a global village and each unit and corner tend to draw extensively from each other the identity of each profession and get more and more pronounced by the specifics, and not the general. Courses are being rewritten, teaching methodology being redesigned to answer the challenges of the future. I wouLd Like to call this phenomenon, the urge to usher to the unknown.

As the young individual who is about to embark upon the journey to carve out a career, I beckon you to do so with all your zeal and perseverance, because while you are our present, the future must belong to you.